2.4GHz band range
12v adapter
Supports 4G/3G/2G/LTE
Supports up to 10 devices via WiFi
Initial package :With your choice
Free delivery
  • Deliver to all cities

  • Delivery in shortest time

  • Payment with all Shetab Cards

CarFi-C40 Modem With Internet Package


Select a Combo Package

To purchase Mobile Internet Modem, you need to select one of the following combo packages.

با هر کدملی امکان ثبت و خرید حداکثر یک مودم همراه با سیم کارت اعتباری در هر فصل امکان پذیر می باشد.

Coverage of Mobile 4G/4.5G Internet

Please note that the network coverage is approximate and may not be precise in some areas.